International research collaboration “Communication as a Discipline and as a Field: Sharing experiences to construct a dialogue” is a joint effort to continue the dialogue on the development vectors of communication as a discipline and as a field that has come out as a result of the international communication conference held for the first time  in July 2015  at the Department of integrated communications at National Research University Higher School of Economics in Moscow.

The aim of this research collaboration is to support the process of bringing together different voices from communication scholarship to form the conceptual map of communication studiesin various parts of the globe and further our understanding of the primary role of communication in modern society.

We have started with posing a set of problematic questions on the scope and development vectors for this field of study and practice, including subject area, theoretical and methodological base, etc.

With understanding that communication is a must-have part of many universities’ curricula and one of the most wanted skills and specializations in contemporary service and information job fields, we invite you to our online community to discuss the following issues (or propose your own topic)

  • Interdisciplinary nature of communication
  • Approaches to studying and researching communication
  • Communication education: challenges, needs, and opportunities
  • Theory and practice of communication
  • Philosophical concepts of communication

This website contains a collection of problem-posing texts and videos, as well as contact base of communication researchers and a discussion forum, where everybody can find a colleague to collaborate on projects, publications, joint seminars, etc.


Sincerely yours,

Editorial team

Alexandra Endaltseva – project author

Sofia Samsonova – managing editor

Olga Solovieva – managing editor